Urfi Javed prepares a ‘bralette’ by grilling ‘plastic’ on the stove

Urfi Javed prepares a ‘bralette’ by grilling ‘plastic’ on the stove: Urfi Javed, a Bigg Boss OTT contestant, is going crazy on social media. She recently wore a top she made by melting plastic on a stove. He designed it by melting plastic in a pan.

Sharing her photo on her social media accounts, she wrote that she made it with PUC fabric and melted the sides and front. He then attached some braids to her. And the dress is done. PUC is like plastic.

While demonstrating her new style on social media, some netizens made fun of her and expressed their feelings about her outfit.

New red bralette:-

Urfi Javed recently shared some photos from his recent daring shoot on his Instagram account. In these photos, she is seen wearing a bralette made from a fiery red plastic stove. This bralette can be folded with three threads. She is also wearing white jeans in this photo. Urfi Javed poses very boldly.

Photo session by Urfi Javed:

She shared four photos on Instagram wearing this very bold bracelet. In the first photo, he is posing with his hands in his back pocket. She looks at the camera from a side angle and looks very pretty. In the second photo he is just looking at the camera. In the third photo, he lifts his pants and looks at the camera boldly. And in the fourth and final photo, he poses in a different style. All her sexy photos went viral on Instagram.

Urfi Javed is very famous and has many fans. Her new hot photos received more than 32,000 likes and more than 800 comments made simultaneously. Many of his fans commented silently and turned on the emoji. An Instagram fan wrote on her photo that she loves Mrs. Javed. On the other hand, another fan wrote: “Urfi is already a brand”.

Urfi Javed Wiki Bio:

He was born on October 15, 1997 in Lucknow, Up. She is an Indian television actress. He was a contestant in the first season of Big Boss OTT. He has also acted in many television series.

She made her Sony TV debut as Avni Pant with Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania. In 2022, Urfi Javed starred in a music video with Kunwar.

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