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Candy review imdb: Recap Episode 1: Who doesn’t know the murder of Betty Gore? This was a very popular murder case in 1980. The only person accused of murdering him was his friend and her name was Candy Montgomery. Candy kills her boyfriend with an ax. This story is presented by Hulu in its candy story. People who know this story think that it is very slow, even though it tells a slow and real story.

The streaming platform will air a crime drama presented by Hulu on Monday. This will be a 5-day event. In this 5 day series, Jessica Biel will play Candy Montgomery and Melanie Linsky Gore.

However, HBO Max already has its own crime drama web series called Love and Death. And the actors are Jesse Plemons from Dallas and Elizabeth Olson.


More than 42 years have passed since this incident. Now we will tell you all about this case. Candy Reviews IMDB.

About Candy Montgomery

Candy Montgomery lives in Fairview with her husband and two children. Her husband’s name is Pat Montgomery and he is a Texas instrument engineer. He is fine. 30 years later.

According to the news channel, he was expelled after the murder and trial and is still living there.

About Betty Gore Air Guide

She is a teacher and a good friend of Candy Montgomery. He is also 30. The two first met at a church and became friends. They also participated in a song where the two them sang this song together.

Gore has 2 children. And at the time of his death, the younger one was only 1 year old. Candy is said to have had an affair with her friend’s husband a year before her death. And her husband’s name is Alan.

June 1980 was Friday, June 13th. Princess Gore had to spend the day at the candy house. Candy goes to Gore’s house to get her swimsuit. At that time, the topic of their affair was being discussed between the two. And on that day alone, blood was found dead with 41 ax wounds.

After she continues her killing spree, Candy is started by local sheriff’s deputy Colin. And it was placed on a $100,000 bond. A trial was held after his murder only to recreate the crime scene.

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